Welcome To Wherever You Are

Welcome To Wherever You Are

John Marrs / Sep 16, 2019

Welcome To Wherever You Are How far would you run to escape your past For eight strangers in a Los Angeles backpacking hostel even the other side of the world isn t far enough The craving for a new identity and the chance to st

  • Title: Welcome To Wherever You Are
  • Author: John Marrs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How far would you run to escape your past For eight strangers in a Los Angeles backpacking hostel, even the other side of the world isn t far enough The craving for a new identity and the chance to start again is something they have in common But the search for a fresh start isn t as easy as they d imagined And they soon discover that it doesn t matter where you are orHow far would you run to escape your past For eight strangers in a Los Angeles backpacking hostel, even the other side of the world isn t far enough The craving for a new identity and the chance to start again is something they have in common But the search for a fresh start isn t as easy as they d imagined And they soon discover that it doesn t matter where you are or who you are if you can t lay the past to rest, coincidence, fate and deception have a way of catching up with you when you least expect it.

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        John Marrs is the author of The One, The Good Samaritan, When You Disappeared, and Welcome to Wherever You Are A freelance journalist based in London, England, he has spent the past twenty years interviewing celebrities from the world of television, film and music for national newspapers and magazines He has written for publications including the Guardian s Guide and Guardian Online, Total Film, Huffington Post, Empire, Q, GT, the Independent, S Magazine and Company.


    1. I’ll start by saying I didn’t read this book so much as devour it. There are eight main characters and a number of incidental ones but it’s never confusing and I was very soon drawn into their lives. The only thing they seem to have in common is that, as backpackers and travellers, they have all ended up at the same hostel for a time. The narrative occasionally goes back a year or two to search out each person’s back-story and slowly, as we read on, their reasons for being there unfold. [...]

    2. Here is my review for Welcome to Wherever You Are. I read The Wronged Sons about a year ago and was utterly blown away by the storyline, twists and turns and actually contacted the author on to let him know, which is the first time I had EVER done that. After making contact John and I became "online" friends and I was so excited to hear that he was writing another book. Infact I was one of the extremely fortunate people to read an early extract months ago and last week I read the final copy in [...]

    3. I am ashamed to say this is the first book I have read by John Marrs after hearing about The Wronged Sons so much in THE Book Club on facebook! I have now purchased it to see what I have missed!I really enjoyed this bookexperiencing as a reader the twists and tales of eight strangers who come together at a hostel in LA. And their stories intertwine even more as they learn each other's secretsor don't in some cases.My favourite two characters in this book were Tommylnerable, damaged and searching [...]

    4. The story of eight travellers who have all ended up in a back packing hostel for their own unique reasons, Welcome to Wherever You Are is a poignant and thought provoking read which will draw you in.Throughout the book we are taken on each character's journey to the hostel, the stories are moving, sad, provoke anger and irritation but all the while finding their way under your skin. What a skilful storyteller John Marrs is - in one chapter you despise a character and by the next you are in tears [...]

    5. This is a story bursting with great characters, all of whom have their reasons for back packing and all of whom end up at the Venice Beach International Hostel in LA. Slowly drip-feeding us snippets from the past of the eight lead characters John Marrs cleverly brings their stories together and delivers a book which is compulsive, pacy, never predictable and really entertaining. This book is totally different to and perhaps even better than his debut The Wronged Sons - Highly recommended 4 - 4.5 [...]

    6. I received this book through Giveaways. The author intertwines the stories of multitude of characters into a fast-paced novel. I admit I struggled quite a bit with this book, mainly because I found the formula being followed irritating. The book is structured into short chapters (half a page to 3 pages or so long)each mormally progressing one or 2 characters' storyline. Many of the chapters are further split into the present and the past , the latter usually shedding a bit of light on the "myst [...]

    7. This story was brilliantly done. But it isn't truly just one story. It is actually several different stories woven together to create something far more.To be honest I took a little while to get used to the various characters I was being introduced to. I honestly couldn't see how their stories were going to come together. I kept looking for the common bond.But the common bond, I believe, was the hostel. The hostel is what brought these random people together, and kept them there kicking and some [...]

    8. This book was highly recommended by a bookclub, in fact it was positively RAVED about on there. Therefore, I was surprised to find myself really struggling to get into the story but persevered and, at around 50%, I was determined to get through it.The huge range of characters-which admittedly was probably one of the reasons I struggled to get into it, too many back stories, too much to take in - made for an interesting read although the flitting from character to character was a little bit weari [...]

    9. I'm not a great thriller reader, mostly preferring character driven tales. John Marrs though may just have converted me! Yes its a fast paced exciting thriller, but it has a strong cast of character's, who are well written and easy to become attached to. So much so I found myself at the end of the tale wanting to know what happens to them in the future. I especially developed a connection to one of the supporting characters Jake, who's tale could I believe, be expanded into another book. That's [...]

    10. This is so different from the author´s previous book The Wronged Sons and I found the writing to be so much more mature.A bunch of stranger, backpackers, travelling in the USA are all at the same hostel in Los Angeles, each one has a secret or a past they want to hide. The books is very cleverly written with each character linking together in the past and the present, some might find it confusing but it is not. It is easy to follow even with all the chopping and changing of all the characters.I [...]

    11. What a brilliant book I absolutely loved it, as the stories of how the characters slowly unfold going from past to present we are given snippets of information which for me drove me crazy in wanted to know more. It's a real " cannot put it down book " for me and very cleverly done by the author I was never quite sure quite what was going to happen and pleased to say the outcome was not as I expected. I liked the characters and to me they were "real " people and again all tribute to the excellent [...]

    12. I found this book to be highly addictive and made me want to stay up way past my bedtime to read it!It tells the stories of 8 complete strangers bought together in LA in a small shabby hostel. for one reason or another they have all decided to escape there past lives - only as you read does their stories unfold and there reasonings for being there becomes more clear. The book flits back and forth between all of the characters past and present stories and i sometimes found it flitted a bit too of [...]

    13. So many characters, plots, sub-plots - there's always a risk they just get away from you. John Marrs manages this brilliantly, using short chapters and shifting timelines to introduce us to new characters and surprising developments at just the right moment - and then pulling away to someone else while the reader is still mid-gasp. I lost count of the number of "I didn't see that coming" moments, and I didn't tire of them for a second. A fascinating concept, the literary equivalent of all those [...]

    14. This is a well written book. Although I found it difficult at first to get into as there were so many characters and different story lines, the more I read the more I wanted to find out about each of them; what had brought them together and why they were all running from their past. John Marrs is great at interweaving all the different characters, jumping from past to present and leaving you wanting more. The short chapters make it a smooth and easy read, letting you flow between characters as y [...]

    15. I really liked this book. If I had my time back, I would have just made a note with the characters names and a word to remind me of who they were. There are 8 great characters and I am glad he didn't leave anyone out. By the middle of the book I knew who everyone was and loved all their different stories and how they connect. This is his second book and surely not his last (I hope). Honestly can't decide if I liked this one or The Wronged Sons better. Will continue to be a John Marrs fan for sur [...]

    16. I was supplied a free copy of this book for the purposes of proof reading. This review consists of my honest feedback.I throughly enjoyed this book - I liked the plot but above all I felt that the characters were believable, no mean feat given that there were so many of them.A really good read.

    17. I kept on putting off reading this book, because although I did enjoy the first book - The Wronged Sons, I seemed to be in the minority by not loving it as much as all the other reviews I had read. Well it simply blew me away. Such interesting characters and the story-line was brilliant.A definite 5* and I can highly recommend this one.

    18. A Winner!John Matt's spellbinding story-telling grabbed me for a whole two days of enjoyable reading. I just couldn't wait to return to my Kindle to find out what happened to Tommy and his friends. Thanks John for making my last 48 hours so much fun!

    19. Love finding a book you can't put down and this was one of those books. Found myself completely drawn into the lives of all the characters. Brilliantly written and ties up nicely at the end. Would recommend.

    20. Another fabulous book by John Marrs,his talent in writing a book that makes you turn the page is secomd to none,read it,you wont be disappointed!!!!!

    21. I found this book quite hard work with all the going back and forth with all the characters, but it does come together in the end with plenty of twists.

    22. I really enjoyed this story set in LA, lots of characters with interesting stories and they all get linked up in a clever way

    23. I have liked the two previous books I have read by John Marrs but I wasn't so keen on this one. I liked the premise of the novel - that disparate characters for a variety of reasons end up in a run down hostel in Venice Beach. However, first of all I thought there were far too many characters. It's fair to say that several of those were really interesting but I felt like I was dipping my toe in rather than fully immersing! Secondly, the principal fault in my opinion was that in every chapter on [...]

    24. Read this review and more on my blog at [Roxie Writes].‘Welcome to Wherever You Are’ by John Marrs⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5Finished on January 26, 2018Read with Kindle Unlimited SubscriptionFREE on Kindle Unlimited | $2.99 on Kindle | $12.49 in PaperbackBOOK DESCRIPTION:How far would you run to escape your past? For eight strangers in a Los Angeles backpacking hostel, even the other side of the world isn’t far enough.They all learn, though, that you can’t outrun your past or you [...]

    25. This is my 4th John Marrs book and I truly enjoyed it. Unlike the others, this was a little slow to get me to the turn paging point, can't wait to see what happens next. I actually stopped reading about about the 20% and picked up another book, which to me is a give up point, but the one I picked up was HORRIBLE, so I came back to this, and so glad I did. That's the ONLY reason I gave it 4 vs 5 stars It picks up, non stop page turning about about 50%. I actually read the rest of the book in 1 da [...]

    26. I loved this. A rich story full of a variety of characters who are all escaping their past for different reasons. Cleverly written with every chapter from a different perspective. The characters lives are interwoven with the backdrop of a shabby hostel. As the book progresses the reader learns more about each characters back story and gaps are filled in and questions answered. Quite different to anything else I have read. Marrs writes well and I have read all his other work. I will definitely lo [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book, it had me hooked from the start and I think it's hard to review without spoilers so I'll keep it brief. This is the second of John Marrs' books that I've read (the first being 'The One'), and I really like the similar style used in both books. A number of characters are introduced and the chapters alternate between each person's story. As the book goes on you learn more about each character's problems and secrets, and how the stories intertwine. There were lots of gre [...]

    28. Disliked this a lot for the first 1/2 - seemed shallow, very YA book styled. The constant flipping between characters never felt like I had a chance to get into it. (And on the kindle version I noticed SO many typos and spelling mistakes!) I found myself warming to it more in the second half - maybe by now I DID know more about the people than I'd realized and was anxious to read on and see where it was going. There wasn't really a connection between the characters (other than the hostel) so in [...]

    29. Set in a backpackers' hostel in LA, this book describes events as the lives of eight of the residents collide.It reminded me a little of Cloud Atlas by David Micthell, not so much in the style of the writing, but in the way the story keeps flipping from one character's perspective to another and the way they all interrelate.This was an excellent read and even better because you can get it for free on Kindle Prime.

    30. This is a story with lots of characters in, they all end up staying in The same hostel in LOs Angeles. They are all running away from something from their past. All of the characters stories are told in the past and present and they all link together. I really enjoyed this book and really enjoyed learning about each of the characters. Even though their were a lot of characters in the story it didn’t confuse me at all. A really good easy read.

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